Best Places for Singles to Get Friends with Benefits

If you are single and want to get some friends with benefits, i.e. a friendship with casual sex, you might be wondering you can find like-minded people. Thankfully, there are tons of single people out there waiting for you. If you want to get some no strings attached relationships, here are some good places you should check out.


Online dating sites

An ideal place to start finding some friends with benefits is by signing up to online dating sites. Reputable online dating sites will help you find people without even leaving your house. They show you pictures, basic information and approximate location of the person you look at on those sites. If you get a match, then you can start chatting them up and see where it goes from there!

Online dating sites have more of a “hookup” vibe to them rather than dating because many people on these sites want hookups. You can easily chat to people you match with too and let them know what you want. That way, you can avoid the ones who are looking for a real relationship and you can get the ones who just want to have fun. If you are introverted, this is a great place to start because you can take your time with it and there is no pressure to find a friend with benefits in the same night, using an eventual app.


If you want to go out and explore but not exert too much energy, a bar is a good place to go. You can relax by sipping down a few drinks (just not too many to avoid a sloppy situation) and be with a few friends. You can even go to a bar alone to find a new friend with benefits if you would like. The bar scene helps decrease the tension because the vibe is relaxed and quiet enough to talk to new people.


For people who love to move and dance, the club is your best bet to find no strings attached relationships. Most people in the club are single so you can easily make your way around the dance floor and meet new people. You should just make sure you are not too creepy when you are trying to dance with somebody and be respectful. Make it seem like you are trying to have more fun and want to make some conversation rather than just trying to get a friend with benefits.

Go on Vacation

If you want a onetime situation, not just a regular no strings attached relationship, then why not take a vacation? The people you meet on vacation will not be where you are from, therefore you can have some one night stands! Plus, it is a great way to take your mind off work and only have fun. You can explore new places while exploring more people too if you are lucky.

Just because you are single does not mean you have to wait around for a relationship to have sex. There are so many ways you can find hookups to get your needs satisfied. Remember the tips above to get friends with benefits!